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The Blue Mountain Village

The Blue Mountain Village is an alpine ski destination for ski lovers from all across the world, it is situated on a section of the Niagara Escarpment about 1 km (0.6 mi.) from Nottawasaga Bay, in Ontario, Canada.

The Blue Mountain Village is Ontario’s largest pedestrian Village and one of the favorite tourist’s destinations for Ski lovers and a great weekend gateway village for many locals all around the year, 

The Blue Mountain Village offers a wide range of activities such as Ski, Mountaineering, Hiking, Camping, Biking, Zipline, Shopping, Dining, Accommodation, Family gathering, Fun and many more. The Blue Mountain Village also has many award-winning Festivals & Events for all seasons. 

My Experience!!!

During my visit to see my friends in Windsor, Canada. One peaceful morning of Friday, me & my friends Tina & Pawan enjoying our first snowfall in Windsor with a cup of coffee and planning for our weekend gateway. 

Suddenly, from nowhere Tina suggested that “guys I heard about The Blue Mountain Village” and it’s a very good place for Skiing and currently they are celebrating the 21st MLK Ski Weekend Festival. 

I and Pawan were like “SKI” Hell No! none of us know Ski and it will be a waste of money. She insisted that we should check their website The Blue Mountain and if we are okay with it. then we can leave the same evening for Toronto to catch tomorrow’s early morning bus for The Blue Mountain.

Trust me, I and Pawan fall in love with this place on the website already and decided to leave immediately and Tina (not so expert in online booking, somehow booked all the tickets without wasting a single second).

I am telling you “Unplanned journeys are always the best ones”

Finally, we left for Toronto, We reach Toronto around 11:00 pm and have to catch the bus the next morning from central station for The Blue Mountain Village by 07:00 am. 

Ideally, we suppose to take rest in our Beautiful Westin Hotels & Resorts with an amazing harbor view from our window to avoid tiredness for the second leg of our journey, but in our case, we decided to explore Toronto city at night. 

It’s been almost an hour walking on the street and admiring the night beauty of Toronto suddenly in a hungry voice Tina said: “Guys please stop walking and take a cab I am feeling hungry”. I looked at the watch it was 01:00 am, Imagine instead of going back to the hotel to sleep, we entered the pub. Why? Because she was hungry!!!

I and Pawan took beer while Tina ordered her favorite Bailey’s with some starters. The music was so great, and the ambiance was so soothing that we didn’t even notice that it was 04: 30 am. We ask for the check and left the pub by 05:00 am to our hotel. We took a shower, took our backpacks and immediately left the hotel to catch the bus for The Blue Mountain Village. 

Upon arrival, we saw the whole village was decorated with lights and flowers, the village has around 50 shops all of them were decorated so artistically, the sense of festival is flowing in the atmosphere and the happiness all around the corners, not only humans but even the pets are enjoying the surrounding. Everyone is in the festival mood.

After finishing, our check-in formalities in The Blue Mountain Resort, without wasting much of our time we started exploring the village. The Blue Mountain Village spread in a very small area and very well organized. It also has a centralized tourist information booth where you get all the required information about the village. 

We took part in many activities such as Ski, Zipline, Mountain Coaster, Hiking and I must say all of them are just awesome one after another. As I always being a more adventurer, I saw one activity named “Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides” immediately I told Tina & Pawan we are doing this. Thanks to both of them without doubting my choice they say yes, and we booked this activity right there.

Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides I feel that this is a but unexplored activity but highly recommended for all nature lovers. For this activity, you have to drive for 30 to 40 mins from the village area to Valley Ridge Farms. This farm is run by two extremely handsome friends, I guess they must be in their 70’s but extremely passionate about their work and very humble soul I ever met in Canada. 

Upon reaching, they welcome us with a cup of hot chocolate and briefed us about the farm and the activities which they do there. After the small briefing they get busy preparing the sleigh for our ride, I and Pawan started exploring the surroundings while Tina decided to sit inside and enjoy her hot chocolate.

Once our sleigh is set, we are now ready to explore the farm. While exploring, they educate us on the various different types of species of trees and forest wilderness. They also talked about their living conditions in that challenging environment especially during the winters. Also, they share their very motivational life experiences.

Wow-what an amazing experience that was, I must say one of the best of that day,  

Skiing is one of the major reasons for many tourists and adventurers to come to Blue Mountain Village every year. Our next activity was Skiing, which none of us know nothing about ski, although Pawan was sounding very confident.

Finally, we bought the tickets. If you are a beginner like us, then no need to worry about anything, you can rent all the equipment including boots, jackets, gloves, Ski poles, by paying the extra dollar also they provide 30 munites free training for beginners.

We were getting ourselves ready for another adventurer, after dressed up we took 30 minutes training class to learn some basic. Wow!!! what fun that was, our instructor briefs us about some of the important body postures such as leg stretch, knee band, head straight, push forward, cross leg, etc…

During our training I don’t remember how many times we fall and get up, I guess the most person fall was Tina followed by me and the least was Pawan. But it was a great experience…   

After having a day filled with adventure now its time to relax and have some chilled beer, so we decided to entre in the pub, the pub was beautifully decorated, and the most attractive part was they were having live music. We ordered a beer and some food and relaxing with great live music.

In the center of the Village, they have a big common bonfire place for everyone. Three of us were just sitting there, feeling the atmosphere, talking to other travelers, singing, dancing, watching the night sky. It was truly a magical night. After all the fun we went to our resort and slept like a baby on our cozy bed.

All of us woke up with fresh energy the next morning, Now, it’s the time for departure, and say bye-bye The Blue Mountain Village.

It was a very amazing and refreshing trip which I always cherish forever!!!

Author :- Sagar Sharma,Explorer by Soul

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