Saturday 2 November 2019

Whale Watching

 Many of us may think it a stupid idea but I love whale watching, It’s an immense pleasure to watch them swim and dance on the surface of the water, watch them playing with their babies and feeding them.

Whales have the IQ next to humans, Their beauty, intelligent and strength inspire me. The first time I saw Ocra Whale in the Arctic Ocean and since then I am very curious to know more about them.
One beautiful evening in Antarctica when I was taking a fresh air at the 5th deck of our expedition ship, a group of four Minke Whales playing around our ship. (Ohh!!! That was a pleasure watching them from a very close distance). This beautiful picture of Minke Whale I took in Antarctica.
This is one of those my clicks which is very close to my heart… I just love the fluke coming out and the water drops splashing from it. I feel so glad that my lense capture this amazing beauty.

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