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Hi Everyone,
Thank you for taking out time to know about me.
I am just a normal guy, a full-time salaried professional, and an avid traveller, landscape photographer and a chef by passion.
Balancing my profession and passion to fulfil my dream of travelling around the world, to capture nature through my lenses, and tell my travel stories through my photographs. It’s my way or attempt to possibly give you a push to follow your passion.
In today’s busy 9 to 5 working life it’s difficult to travel but it should not be an excuse. Believe me, I don’t get any extra perks, extra privilege or leaves to accommodate my travel plans. I just manage well I think, that’s the only place my MBA Masters is currently helping I guess …LOL. I urge all of you to come out of your place and enjoy the world around, I promise you won’t regret.
Why I am passionate about travelling?
Travelling is the only thing which keeps me alive. It’s my full time mentor as I learn only through meeting different people and experiences. It’s my way of self-discovery.
Travelling is kind of food for my mind, body and soul. I actually started appreciating everything around because of it. People often say, “I wish I would have travelled there” “I would have been there”, I say I don’t want to die with any wish unfulfilled, if I want to, I will go there.
So far with my past 4 years of travelling experience, I have learned many things and got inspired by my fellow travellers. I made new friends all around the world, and it’s been great until now.
As an adventurer, I have had the best personal adventures of my life from hiking to camping, from rafting to skydiving and from road trips to crossing Drake Passage, from extreme cold to deserts and many more in 20 countries across 6 continents.
I have started this blog to communicate all my travel stories from Arctic to Antarctica, Northern Lights to Polar blanch, from climbing the mountains to skydive & bungee jump, and from camping to hiking. You will find a collection of short stories, some interesting, some informative, but I hope all will be helpful to you if you are planning any trip soon.
My only Goal of life is that I would like to inspire all of you to get out and travel, believe me, it would be the best thing you can do. If I can help anyone of you guys for anything, I would be the happiest person on our Planet Earth.
Author : Sagar Sharma (Raja)
Reach out to me – explorerbysoul@gmail.com

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